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File Transfer | The Cloud Calculator

I used this tool recently to calculate the transfer time of a zip file to an FTP server for a client. Worked quite well. TBH, didn’t actually confirm the time frame, but looks legit.   File Transfer | The Cloud Calculator.

Confluence and why I opted to stop using it.

The below is my opinion and my reasons for not using Confluence any more.   Check out their requests pages and feedback on Jira and you’ll find out how Atlassian simply piss off their users of the on premise version of Confluence. Pretty much any useful request comes down to: After feedback from many of their… Read More »

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Install HHVM, Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04

I used the following guide to change from php-fpm to hhvm after doing some research on potential speed increase. The guide is great, however I may be changing back as for some reason I seem to have actually lost performance by changing over. Might be an incompatibility in a plugin or something in WordPress. Install… Read More »