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Another load of malware

Zbot, rootkit, Cryptowall 3.0 and other infections on a single Windows 7 PC. I was extremely lucky that this PC was on a separate network with no network drives back to the main network.   I had a client call up saying his computer was doing weird things. – First sign this is going to… Read More »

Best free/home antivirus, best business antivirus

Updated: This is my opinion based on testing and actual use over several years. I’ve tried and every now and then test again. I also read reviews and tests online to try to keep up to date. For home users, I recommend sticking with Windows/Microsoft Defender. It’s been rated highly by independent testing and personally… Read More »

Bit of fun with KEYHolder (Crypto Malware)

If you haven’t heard about the various crypto malware going around, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding. I don’t even like watching the news, but it’s been blasted all over. Essentially the malware gets onto a persons machine in different ways (email, websites, USB sticks etc) and starts looking for files on the local… Read More »