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How to make an OS X Yosemite DVD installer

I created a USB bootable Yosemite installer to update my friends Mac, however I want to use the USB for other things. The best thing I could think of was to make an ISO so I could use it again later, so I followed the guide below and then stored it on my server. Bucknasty:… Read More »

NAS4FREE upgraded to

I upgraded our NAS4FREE boxes to this morning after doing a ‘test’ run last night on my home machine, well not really a test, it was a home production machine, but less important than work’s machines. The home machine went off without a hitch.   If you read the info when downloading the new… Read More »

Bit of fun with KEYHolder (Crypto Malware)

If you haven’t heard about the various crypto malware going around, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding. I don’t even like watching the news, but it’s been blasted all over. Essentially the malware gets onto a persons machine in different ways (email, websites, USB sticks etc) and starts looking for files on the local… Read More »