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By | 18/12/2014

I upgraded our NAS4FREE boxes to this morning after doing a ‘test’ run last night on my home machine, well not really a test, it was a home production machine, but less important than work’s machines. The home machine went off without a hitch.


If you read the info when downloading the new version, if you’re coming from 9.2 or older, the boot partition size has changed which won’t allow you to upgrade from within the GUI. In fact, it doesn’t even show the new version from within the GUI.


Basic steps

Backed up the existing XML config. Shutdown.

I downloaded the new x64 live USB image and wrote to a new USB key via Win32 Disk Imager.

I unplugged the existing USB drive, plugged in the new USB drive and booted.

Once booted, I chose Install (9), plugged in the original USB drive and chose the install media as the USB drive, and then the destination as the old USB drive.

Let it do it’s thing. Rebooted.

Changed IP addresses via the console and then browsed to the login page defaults user: admin pass: nas4free

Restored my config and let it reboot.

Login to the web GUI, then go to disks, management and clear config and import disks. I found that as the USB drives were formatted, their SN’s change so they show up in red saying it’s different to what it was.

All was well for my home setup; simple as it was a single subnet environment with nothing to worry about. Tested and it immediately worked as expected.


Now, at work, we have 2 subnets, so all the steps above were perfect. Once I came back to my normal laptop, I got a 403 forbidden error when accessing the web GUI. The solution was to go to System, General and add the subnet in the hosts allow section. This requires a reboot as stated once you add and save.


I hope this helps someone as it took me about 10 minutes to work out after failing to find info by searching the internet. Using keywords such as freenas, nas4free, web gui, subnet, 403 forbidden, gui, differenet subnet returned pretty much nothing relevant. They all lead of transmission or cups jails which wasn’t what I was after.

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