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Exchange 2010 AutoDiscover issue

Exchange 2010 Autodiscover was failing at one of my clients, yet none of us changed anything particularly. Thanks to Adam Miceli int he F5 Devcentral forums, the following solved our issues.   “….make sure that the Autodiscover vdir is not requiring SSL. I have had that problem. Sometimes patching causes that setting to get re-enabled.”… Read More »

Accessing your Files (WebDav) — ownCloud User Manual 5.0 documentation

Using Windows Explorer Right-click on Computer entry and select Map network drive…. Choose a local network drive to map ownCloud to. Finally, enter the address to your ownCloud instance, followed by /remote.php/webdav, e.g. https://www.yourserver.com/owncloud/remote.php/webdav for an SSL protected server. Check Reconnect at logon to make this mapping persistent across reboots. If you want to connect… Read More »