Brakes for my Lexus

By | 03/10/2015

I took my Lexis IS250 to Lexus for the safety recall on the fuel line. While there, they notified me of wearing front brakes (which I was aware of). I do all my own minor services including cleaning and replacing my brakes, oil, oil filter and air filter.

I rang around places in Perth where I know sell brake parts. They were Super Cheap Auto (there are different stores around Perth), Odin Road Spare Parts (Balcatta) and Hitech Brake and Clutch (Wangara).

I ended up ordering in the brake pads (they usually have stock but didn’t), they had the rotors in stock. I collected them on Saturday and while there bought oil and an oil filter as they did me a good deal. Saved me a trip to a different Super Cheap Auto store as my local doesn’t carry the 10L pack (my car takes 6.6L, so buying 2 x 5L is the only other way and it is not cheap). I was so happy with the cost of parts and service from Hitech, I’ll definitely be going back and recommend them to anyone wanting to buy parts.

I bought RDX pads and RDA rotors I think…. I’ve heard of issues with Bendix lately, that’s what everyone else seems to sell. Funny thing is, the RDX pads were about $20 cheaper than Bendix, so far so good. It took me less than an hour to install them – remembering that I’m no expert, but I’ve done my Avalon rotors and pads in the past.

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