The ‘best’ Windows Music Player (Winamp)

By | 03/01/2015

Winamp was sold a while back and hasn’t had any development that’s been released lately, however you can still get the latest version. They promise changes are coming… I still find it the best client that’s out there to play music though. As you could imagine, I don’t like using iTunes and Windows Media Player… Winamp is actually also available on Android and Mac OS X.

While I’m at it though, the video player I use is Media Player Classic, and use the Defiler Pack for codecs. These are only for Windows. For Mac I use VLC (although I don’t really like it as much as MPC).


I came about Winamp in the early days of using PCs. After school we used to stay back at the friends house for an hour or so then mum would pick us up. During this time, I had a friend who was 4 years older who showed me lots of little things about PCs. A very generous guy I must add with sharing his knowledge and allowing me to ask millions of questions. One big thing that I learnt from him was how useful Winamp was. I used MusicMatch Jukebox when MP3’s became popular as it allowed me to rip CD’s and play them while playing games on the same PC. However, once I switched to Winamp though, I never looked back. Since then, the internet has helped me find the ‘best’ video player and codecs.


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